3 things you shouldn’t miss out on during your time in Lisbon


Do nothing…

or you can call it relax and enjoy the view (sounds a little less lazy right? 😉 ) Yes, in Lisbon you can also sit outside in the middle of winter and just let time pass by a little slower.

I love the way between Cais de Sodré and Parca do Comércio which goes right along the river Tejo. Here you can sit on stairs that go down to the water, while you listen to music, read a book or simply enjoy the view of the river and the bridge 25 de Abril. Which by the way almost looks exactly like the Golden Gate Bridge.

An awesome place to relax is in the beach chairs at the kiosk Quiosque da Ribeira das Naus. While you enjoy the view on the water the waiter comes to bring your coffee. Or when it already got dark, better go for the beer, while you enjoy this heavenly feeling of putting your feet up after a long day of walking and end the evening with a gorgeous view of the city lights. In those moments the only thing that’s missing is one of your best friends, with whom you could sit here, talking the whole night trough.


Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte

Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte

Enjoy the view

Lisbon is a city with a stunning view, no matter where you are. Because the city is placed on 7 hills, there are a lot of different places from where you have a great view over the rooftops of Lisbon and from where you can see the river flowing past in the distance.

The view from Castello Sao Jorge is great, but if it’s worth the price of about 8 Euros? I don’t know. My advice: go to the Miradouro Nossa Senhora do Monte, enjoy the free view, while sitting in one of the beach chairs at the kiosk and invest the 8 Euros in something to drink instead. And when you are already in this area, just walk up R. Dom Perdo V to Praça do PrĂ­ncipe Real, here you can find some very individual stores for shopping. You should stop by at places like Embaixada LX, even, if you are not in a shopping mood, the building alone is worth it. It is from the 19. century and has two floors with different shops and a cafĂ© in the inner courtyard. But better take a look yourself:

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Visit the past

For me Lisbon’s most beautiful sights can be found in BelĂ©m, which is a district of Lisbon. The palace of the former Portuguese royal family, the PalĂĄcio Nacional da Ajuda, is impressive. More from the inside than from the outside, but definitely worth a visit. The palace is situated a little up the hill not directly at the river bank like a lot of other sights. Maybe that is the reason why it is not that crowded with tourists. You could almost say I  had the whole place for myself. Which gave me the chance to have a nice chat with some of the employees of the museum. Except of one, who was sleeping peacefully during work and didn’t felt bothered by the few visitors at all.

Other sights like the Torre de BelĂ©m, the monastary Mosterio dos JerĂłnimos and the PadrĂŁo dos descobrimentos can be found near the river bank. Seeing those from the outside is already impressive, especially because you don’t come across the Manueline architecture that often. But when you take a look at the prices, you can immediately recognizes that you had  come to the more popular tourist sights.

more posts in English are coming soon. If you are in the mood for some travel poetry then take a look over here

I’m German, please forgive my spelling mistakes 😉

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