Traveling soul


I’m a traveling soul

I need to go, because I have to grow.

Filled with the desire to know,

where all these roads may go.

IMG 20151020 221831


And I want you to know that I’m happy,

so don’t worry, I don’t need you to catch me.

Just walk by my side, if you like

and if not, you know where I am to find.




On buses and trains and planes ,

walking for hours in the sunshine or in the pouring rain.

Looking for the small things along the way,

the details that make my day.


But anyway, I know our path will cross again along the way,

so there is no need for asking me to stay.


  1. Well, as this is english I can know post something!!

    nice pics, nice words!! keep doing this that maybe it will also take some travelers to encourage them to travel too!

    kisses and Hugs

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